Teeth Cleaning in Greensboro

Teeth Cleaning in Greensboro

Brushing teeth daily, eating healthy tooth-friendly snacks, and routine visits to the dentist are some of the habits that can ensure continued good dental health for your young ones. These practices prevent the development of common dental problems that affect children under the age of 18.

At Atlantis Dentistry, we provide teeth cleaning in Greensboro for children and teenagers. Teeth cleaning, which is part of oral hygiene, involves the removal of plaque on teeth. It's an essential part of oral care as it prevents periodontal disease, gingivitis, and cavities.

Common Dental Issues Among Children

Some of the common dental problems in children are:

  • Tooth Decay – Also referred to as cavities or caries, this condition is rampant in children and adolescents across the U.S. According to research, one in every five children aged between 5-11 years and 13 percent of those aged between 12-19 have untreated caries. Dental cavities develop as a result of bacteria in the mouth, which produces acid that erodes the enamel.
  • Sensitivity – This is when either hot or cold drinks and foods cause irritation and pain to the teeth. The condition is caused by exposed nerve endings, which are a result of enamel erosion or tooth decay.
  • Foul Breath – When your child has bad breath beyond all the time, it’s an indication of a problem that requires a visit to the dentist's office. Bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth, which produce hydrogen sulfide as they feed on leftover food particles. It can also develop due to cavities or gum disease.

What are the Causes of Tooth Problems in Children?

These are some of the causes of dental issues in kids:

  • Poor Oral Hygiene – Not brushing teeth at least twice daily encourages the buildup of harmful bacteria. The activity of these harmful bacteria in the mouth leads to bad breath and initiates tooth decay.
  • Sugary Foods and Drinks – When the bad bacteria in the mouth interact with sugar and starch, acid is formed. The acid slowly attacks the tooth enamel, depleting it of minerals. The result is a weakened enamel that initiates the formation of cavities as the tooth’s outer surface degrades over time.

How Can You Prevent Dental Problems?

You can do the following to prevent unhealthy teeth:

  • Use Fluoridated Water – Drinking water containing fluoride can reduce the risk of developing tooth cavities in children by up to 25 percent. That is because fluoride strengthens the teeth by helping replenish phosphorous and calcium content in the enamel.
  • Get Dental Sealants – Dental sealants are treatments that provide a protective barrier on the tooth by keeping the enamel from food and bacteria. This highly decreases the risk of tooth caries.

Child-Friendly Dentistry

Our offices at Atlantis Dentistry have a bright and fun atmosphere that helps children ease into the idea of seeing our pediatric dentists without fear. Ensure your child has thorough teeth cleaning in Greensboro as it will keep your little one’s teeth protected from cavities, bad breath, and sensitivity. To schedule an appointment for your kid, call us today on (336) 335-9990.

Teeth Cleaning in Greensboro
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