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When going into the office of your local Lakeville dentist to have a procedure done, you probably have lots of thoughts going through your mind. Instead of repressing them, you should communicate with him or her in order to clarify things. This might be just enough to make you relax and have a better understanding of the operation.


Will an anesthetic be necessary?


Both the pain of a dental procedure and the risk of anethesia is something that commonly goes through patients’ minds. Typically, a dentist will make a local injection of Lidocaine in the gum or cheek to numb the area so there is reduced pain.

Local injections may include other substances, including a vasoconstrictor, sodium hydroxide or sodium chloride. If you have a concern about these materials interacting with one of your prescription medications, consult with both your dentist and your primary care physician.


Is there a less invasive option available?


Sometimes you may feel concerned that your Lakeville dentist is doing something over-the-top to treat your condition. Whether it is the case or not, you should still ask for other options that would make you more comfortable.


Is there anything I should share with my primary physician?


The health of your teeth and mouth isn’t just about having a great smile, but also the integrity of the rest of your body. In fact, many other diseases can stem from having an issue with your mouth.

Instead of thinking of your dentist as something on the side, try to make your dentist a part of your healthcare plan. Ask your dentist if you should keep your primary doctor aware of the current state of your mouth, procedures that will be done or medication you will be taking in relation to the procedure.


How should I take care of my dental health after the procedure?


Nobody is better qualified to advise you on your dental hygiene than a dentist. After the procedure, there may be specific guidelines on how you should keep your teeth clean depending on what the recovery process is like.

In addition to cleaning advice, the doctor will likely advise you to avoid certain foods, drinks or supplements. In general, you should always avoid sweets or staining foods that would ruin the integrity of your teeth anyway.


Should I consider dental implants?


If you have weakened or missing teeth, you may be a perfect candidate to have dental implants. Instead of just fillings, complete removal of diseased teeth with an implant in its place should significantly improve comfort.

From a financial perspective, these implants are permanent as long as the mouth is taken care of properly. For older individuals, it would be a superior alternative to using dentures.


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, your dentist is a medical professional and it is important to keep asking questions an establish a relationship. Here at Miller Comfort Dental, we take professionalism and the comfort of the patient seriously. If you have any questions about dental procedures, give us a call at 952.388.1778.

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