Dentist Reviews

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Dentist Reviews

With so much of the population relying on the internet for nearly everything, it’s no surprise that people want to do a quick search before attending a new dentist's office. Dentist reviews are one of the main things that can draw in or deter future patients. However, having just a handful of five-star reviews might not be enough. Patients could easily choose another office that has more reviews, even if the overall rating is a little lower. Connect The Doc, an online marketing company created for those in the healthcare field can help dentists and doctors alike generate more reviews than they would on their own.

What Does Connect The Doc Do?

Connect The Doc is an online marketing company that was created specifically for dentists, doctors, and other related health care careers. By creating an account on their site, you can make it easy for patients to track down your practice. Claiming an account is just the first step in utilizing the tools on Connect The Doc. You will be able to attract more patients, build a wide network of referrals, design your own site, and even manage your reputation. Claiming your account is as easy as typing in the name of your practice and where it is located.

Generate Reviews

Most potential patients are going to look at the reviews for a doctor or dentist's office before they decide if they want to book an appointment. Having a profile on Connect The Doc makes it more enticing for past patients to leave reviews. After a patient visits your practice, Connect The Doc sends them automated messages asking for them to leave an honest review. In addition, patients can share the review they left on their social media accounts, which can help you attract more new patients. You will even be able to track your results whenever you want.

Find New Patients

Having people share reviews of your practice is one way to attract new patients, and that is exactly what Connect The Doc hopes will happen. On your profile, patients will be able to learn about your practice, find reviews, and even book their appointments. The online booking system will help you keep track of appointments, prompt patients to confirm their visits, and even fill a spot left by a cancellation. The Connect The Doc system makes it easy for you and your patients alike to keep track of appointments and more.

Get Referrals

When patients visit your office, Connect The Doc will let you give them a referral link that they can share with friends. These referral links can be tracked from your end, so you can see how many times they were shared or clicked. You will even be able to see any bookings made through the link. This, along with the ability to share their reviews, is how your patients can help you bring in more referrals than you were before Connect The Doc came into the picture. This can make the act of hunting down leads for new patients easier and much less frustrating.

Dentist Reviews
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