Welcome To Atlantis Dentistry!
Atlantis Dentistry, Greensboro, NC Drs. Rachel and Greg Perentis are general dentists serving children and young adults (ages1-18). Our office welcomes new patients from Greensboro or Durham and surrounding areas. We accept Medicaid and North Carolina Health Choice. We are committed to making dentistry less frightening for young people. Please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment for your child. We look forward to meeting you! Yours for better dental health, Dr. Greg Perentis and Dr. Rachel Perentis About Drs. Greg and Rachel Perentis... Dr. Greg and Dr. Rachel have dedicated themselves to caring for the dental needs of children. Realizing that childhood experiences can impact our health care decisions for a lifetime, they make every effort to make your child's dental visits as comfortable as possible. A variety of technological innovations make it possible for them to diagnose and treat cavities with minimal discomfort. Both dentists graduated from the University of Iowa Dental School in 1996. They trained for 4 1/2 years at a children's dental clinic in Colorado Springs, CO working under the direction of a pediatric dentist with over thirty years of experience. In September of 2001 the doctors dreams of helping children became a reality when they opened Carousel Dentistry in Durham, NC. On July 14, 2003 they opened Atlantis Dentistry in Greensboro NC. EMERGENCIES If you are calling outside of office hours and have a dental emergency, please go to your local emergency room.